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History of Our
Rolling Rescue Program:

In early 2006, the Monroe County Animal Shelter partnered with another rescue operation and began sending animals to the Greater New York SPCA in Queensbury, New York. Our volunteer drivers drove non-stop approximately 17 hours to bring these animals to their new destination. Most of the animals were adopted within two weeks of their arrival in New York.

Since the success of our New York Rolling Rescue, we have added many more rolling rescue runs to the Midwest with the GoNorth runs and runs to the Atlanta Humane Society. In 2014, Monroe County Animal Shelter and Monroe County Friends of Animals proudly became a partner with PetSmart Charities and participates in the PetSmart Rescue Waggin'.

We're Making a Difference!

Fostering animals (especially puppies) for the rescue runs is important. Normally puppies are placed in foster homes for at least two weeks prior to going on a rolling rescue run. If there are any health problems, they will have surfaced and been treated. Also, fostering socializes the animals and makes them more adoptable. We currently have around 20 active foster families. We could save more animals if we could get them into foster homes.

There is a lot of work and a lot of people involved in keeping these rescues going, most done by volunteers; all paid for through donations.

In February, 2009 we started our "Sponsor a Puppy" program. For a $25 donation you will receive a picture of the animal you are sponsoring to go to rescue and a thank you note. Thank you to all of you who support this program.

In 2014, we saved 1,271 animals through our Rolling Rescue Program.

Monroe County Animal Shelter, with the support of the Monroe County Friends of Animals, should be very proud of the work they are doing to save animals. Together we are all making a difference.


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