Our Mission: “Provide for and continuously improve the health, happiness and fortunes

of the homeless and abandoned cats and dogs in Monroe County”

URGENT Shelter needs: Laundry Detergent (any)-Paper Towels, Bleach and Garbage bags (13 and 33 gallon) … AND Volunteer Help!

All dogs 5-months or older are CBA tested at our shelter. Canine Behavior Assessment is a 10-step process to evaluate a dog’s behavior. They include: kennel observation, affiliation, collar tug, petting, ears, teeth, feet, toys and rawhide, food, and dog to dog introduction.  With each step, the dog’s behavior is noted and scored.

Videos of these and other dogs (and cats) are posted to the shelter Facebook page: TN Monroe County Animal Shelter.

Lulu is a 20 lb., 2-year-old Beagle mix.  She is a real sweetheart away from her sister as she is more assertive than Ryley. She will jump in your lap and her tail constantly wags.

Ryley is an 18 lb., 2-year old Beagle mix.  She is a quieter lap dog and loves being petted.

Due to space, these dogs are kenneled together but will be best adopted into different families. Please meet each individually. They have had very little socialization or training but have come quite a long way. Both are very energetic and vocal. They get very animated when you come down to their level and will bowl you over trying to snuggle in your lap. They take a bit to warm up to strangers.

Beagle traits/temperament: Beagles are active companions for kids and adults alike –  this breed is merry and fun- loving, but being hounds, they can also be stubborn and require patient, creative training techniques. Their noses guide them through life, and they’re never happier than when following an interesting scent. Beagles are widely considered to be good with other pets and children. They are cheerful dogs that like affection. Beagles are active, curious dogs. Since they are also hound dogs, it’s in their nature to roam. Care must be taken to prevent them from wandering off into harm’s way by keeping them contained in a fenced-in yard or on a leash when outside of the house.

Beagles are also friendly little dogs. Don’t depend on them to guard your house. They may bark, but are unlikely to do much more than wag their tails if confronted with an intruder. Once past puppyhood, some beagles seem to easily become overweight, so watch the caloric intake. 

Please post lost/found pets to the shelter Facebook page! And check our website daily if your pet is lost-and then come and get your pet. This will open up space for actual homeless pets.

Shelter Statistics for last week:

Intakes – 32

Adoptions – 14

Transferred to Rescue – 5

Returned to Owner – 0