Our Mission: “Provide for and continuously improve the health, happiness and fortunes

of the homeless and abandoned cats and dogs in Monroe County”

The Monroe County Friends of Animals (MCFA)  is a not-for-profit volunteer organization with 501(c) (3) status located in Monroe County, Tennessee.  Our organization was created in 2004 by concerned citizens who recognized a dire need throughout the county for animal welfare.  At that time there was no animal shelter, no place to go to adopt, no place to surrender animals that could no longer be cared for, and stray and abandoned animals loose everywhere in the community.   

Partnering with the county, together we opened the Monroe County Animal Shelter, located at 170 Kefauver Lane, Madisonville, TN (MAP).  The county leased the site from a retired veterinarian and with a lot of volunteer help, converted it into the shelter that we continue to use today. Since its formation, MCFA has supported the Monroe County Animal Shelter monetarily with the costs of operation shared.   The cost of animal food, medicine, and medical treatment is borne by MCFA.  The cost of staff salaries, rent and utilities is borne by the county.  

More than 25,000 animals have been adopted from the shelter or rescued since we started 16 years ago. Through the years, with grants and the labor of our volunteers, we’ve been able to make significant enhancements to the shelter, but our ultimate goal is to build a new shelter. 

Volunteers are truly the backbone of our organization   One of the most important roles we serve is coordinating the many volunteer-staffed programs — all of which are critical to helping us care for the animals at the shelter and finding them new homes. These volunteer initiatives include:

  • Hands-on animal care, socialization and training at the shelter
  • Fostering/providing temporary homes for dogs and cats from the shelter
  • Providing spay and neuter vouchers to local low-income pet owners (through our Spay Neuter Assistance Program [SNAP]), enabling them to have the surgeries done.
  • Transporting animals to shelters and pet rescues in many different states  where there is greater demand and they are quickly adopted.
  • Providing special care for elderly or disabled pets through our Second Chance Pals program.  Over 200 of these animals have been saved to date.
  • Providing pet food for families of limited means through our Food Pantry program.

The sources of funds to carry out our work are donations, fundraising events and the proceeds of a Thrift Store we operate in Madisonville. We are proud of our success, but we continue to find that the need is always greater than the amount of help we can provide. Please consider donating your time or money to help us provide shelter, medicine, food and ultimately new homes, for the innocent animals in our care.  Thank you!

MCFA Board of Directors:

President: Jim Barrett (Vonore)

Vice President: Debra Moore (Tellico Plains)

Treasurer: Glenn Edwards  (Sweetwater)

Secretary: Walt Marshall (Vonore)

Bob Korts  (Vonore)

Marni Sorrick (Madisonville)

Matthew Lange (Vonore)

Tom Smith (Coker Creek)

Bill Kelley (Vonore)

You can contact the Board of Directors at mcfa37885@gmail.com

Monroe County Friends of Animals

PO Box 106

Vonore, TN 37885

Executive Director:

Teresa Underwood  (Knoxville)