Our Mission: “Provide for and continuously improve the health, happiness and fortunes

of the homeless and abandoned cats and dogs in Monroe County”

Any questions, please email us: info@MonroeCountyFriendsofAnimals.org

Caring for the homeless dogs and cats waiting for a new home

MCFA and Monroe County share in the cost of operating the animal shelter. Donations to MCFA are used to pay for all the animal food, medicines, much of the medical treatment, and a veterinarian who comes to the shelter one day a week.   This amounts to approximately a third of the cost of daily operations.

MCFA volunteers are at the shelter everyday helping the shelter staff with operations.   There are volunteers who work at the front desk, who clean dog kennels and cat cages, who walk and bathe dogs, and who help with the medical care of the animals. We are always in need of more volunteers to help the animals during their time at the shelter. The shelter is open Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 11-4:30 (temporarily closed on Thursday so the staff can care for the animals) and Saturday 11-2.

Want to Volunteer?