Our Mission: “Provide for and continuously improve the health, happiness and fortunes

of the homeless and abandoned cats and dogs in Monroe County”

We desperately need a new animal shelter in Monroe County and we need your help to build it.

When we opened the shelter more than 17 years ago, it was never intended to be the county’s permanent shelter. At the time, the county was in dire need for a shelter. We were fortunate to find a former veterinarian’s office that the county could lease temporarily.

The facility is now old and deteriorating, the HVAC and septic systems are failing, proper plumbing is needed, and floor coatings and ventilation were never provided.

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Current dog housing

Our dogs are housed outside in small kennels and must endure the harsh summer heat, rain and cold winters. The kennels do not have individual waste drains.

Staff must work in cramped, unproductive conditions because the rooms in the building are too small. The building was not designed to be an animal shelter.

Future dog housing interior.
Future exterior compartments of dog housing.

2-19-2023: Raising the Roof Update

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11-5-2022: Raising the Roof Update

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7-23-2022: Raising the Roof Update

Help us build a new shelter

The Monroe County Friends of Animals recognized the need for a new shelter years ago and started planning for it.

We have been setting aside funds, have acquired the land, have done preliminary design work and have reached a cost-sharing agreement with Monroe County to operate the shelter after it is built. Our next step will be a capital campaign to raise the remaining funds needed to build the shelter.

The new shelter will provide:

  • A permanent solution for the shelter. The current facility is leased by the county and relocation is inevitable.
  • More space and a more efficient floor plan to accommodate the staff, the community, and ourvolunteers.
  • Cat and dog housing that meets industry guidelines, this means two-compartment housing with adequate space for dogs and cats.
  • Indoor/Outdoor compartments for dogs.
  • Modern air exchange system, proper plumbing, and surface coatings to control the spread of bacteria and common shelter viruses, creating a healthier environment for people and animals

Please donate today so we can build a new shelter.

Your gift of any amount is greatly appreciated and gets us one step closer to building a new shelter for the thousands of homeless animals who depend on us and need our help finding forever, loving homes